Adobe PageMill

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Adobe PageMill
Developer(s)Adobe Systems
Initial release1994
Operating systemMac OS and Microsoft Windows
TypeHTML editor

PageMill is a WYSIWYG HTML editor developed by Adobe Systems in 1994. After PageMill 3.0, it was discontinued in favor of GoLive.


Ceneca Communications Inc. developed the original PageMill and SiteMill products.[1] During open beta testing, Adobe acquired the company and rebranded the product with their own logo.[citation needed] Adobe released PageMill 1.0 in late 1995.[2] It was considered revolutionary at the time, as it was the first HTML editor that was considered user-friendly, cited as the "PageMaker of the WWW".[3][4] This first version, however, was also criticized for lacking items such as a spell-checker and support for creating HTML tables.[3][5] Adobe acquired Ceneca in October 1995 for US$15 million.[6]

Adobe PageMill 2.0, which was introduced in early 1997, corrected these issues with a package that, according to one review, "adds more features than I have fingers and toes… PageMill with its tables, frames, graphics, and support for form interfaces, makes it easy to lay out a page".[7] PageMill 2.0 was also the first version for Microsoft Windows.[8]

Adobe PageMill 3.0, released in early 1999, supported embedded font commands and a site-management feature.[9] It was discontinued in February 2000, due to the acquisition and promotion of Adobe GoLive.[10][11] A later patch, still available from Adobe, fixed a problem with FTP upload.[12]

PageMill was often bundled with other products such as scanners or promotional CD-ROMs, rather than sold as a stand-alone product.

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