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Adobe Express
IndustryGraphic design
FoundedDecember 2015

Adobe Express, formerly Adobe Spark and later Creative Cloud Express, is a content creation tool developed by Adobe.[1][2][3]


Adobe Express was launched in 2015 as Adobe Post, an iOS application. In 2016, Adobe Spark replaced Adobe Post, and in 2021, the application was relaunched as Adobe Express.[3][4]

Adobe Express was primarily designed for schools and nonprofits. As of September 2023, it allowed users to create branded content, such as flyers and logos, post social media content, and edit PDF documents with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.[2] It is available with Windows 11, too.


In October 2022, Adobe announced a collaboration with Wix to extend Adobe Express capabilities to Wix users.[5] Adobe has also partnered with several organizations and companies, including Etsy, Meta and Mastercard.[6]

In May 2022, American singer GAYLE launched a campaign in partnership with Adobe GAYLExAdobe that invites fans to use and share visual templates created with Adobe Express.[7]

In May 2023, Google collaborated with Adobe to enable Gemini users to generate images via Adobe Firefly and then modify them using Express.[8][9][10]


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