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Born c. 80 BC
Died c. 50 BC
Spouse Brogitarus of Galatia
Issue Amyntas of Galatia
Father Deiotarus of Galatia
Mother Berenice, Princess of Pergamon

Adobogiona (fl. c. 80 BC - c. 50 BC) was a Celtic princess from Anatolia. She was the daughter of king Deiotarus of Galatia and Berenice, Princess of Pergamon, probably a daughter of king Attalus III of Pergamon.

Adobogiona married Brogitarus, King of Galatia, who reigned concurrently with his father-in-law.[1] They were the parents of Amyntas of Galatia, a tetrarch of the Trocmi and king of Galatia.

Adobogiona was honoured by a surviving inscription discovered on the island of Lesbos and a portrait head of her has been discovered at Pergamon.


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