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Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm Scholz, since 1883 Adolf Heinrich Wilhelm von Scholz (born 1 November 1833 in Schweidnitz, died 20 March 1924 at Schloss Seeheim, Constance) was a German army officer and politician. From 1864–1871 he was colonel of the 49th Regiment of Cavalry and retired after the Franco-Prussian War to a more peaceful role in politics. He served as Secretary for the Treasury of Germany from 1880 to 1882. In July 1882 he became Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Prussia and served in this office until 1890.

He bought the Schloss Seeheim at Constance from Ernst Lang in 1885. His son was the author Wilhelm von Scholz.


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Political offices
Preceded by
First secretary
Secretary for the Treasury of Germany
Succeeded by
Franz Emil Emanuel von Burchard
Preceded by
Karl Hermann Bitter
Minister of Finance of the Kingdom of Prussia
Succeeded by
Johannes von Miquel