Adolph Nehrkorn

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Adolph Nehrkorn

Adolph Nehrkorn (29 December 1841, in Riddagshausen, today part of Braunschweig – 8 April 1916, in Braunschweig) was a German ornithologist and collector of bird eggs.

Adolph's father worked at the Abbey in Riddagshausen. His early schooling was at Collegium Carolinum in Braunschweig. After working for some years as a farmer, he went to study at the University of Berlin. In 1866 he married Ellen Streichenberg. He took a great interest in birds, collecting their eggs. His large collection of eggs was bequeathed to the Berlin Zoological Museum (which in the present day is the Berlin's Natural History Museum).[1]

The crimson-crowned flowerpecker (Dicaeum nehrkorni) and the Sangihe white-eye (Zosterops nehrkorni) are two avian species named in his honor.[2][3][4]


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