Adolphus Druiding

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Adolphus Druiding
Hanover, Germany
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Known for= Adolphus Druiding, Architect

Adolphus Druiding (1838–1900) was a German-born American architect who was best known for his work in creating Roman Catholic churches, schools, rectories and convents. Druiding’s work along with that of fellow German immigrant Franz Georg Himpler (1833–1916) makes up the largest body of German Catholic architecture in the United States between the end of the Civil War and 1900.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Druiding was born May 29, 1838, in Aschendorf, a province of Hanover, Germany. He studied at the Secondary School in Papenburg and at the Polytechnic School in Munich where he graduated with honors. He worked briefly at a French architect’s office and then entered government service in Munich. After this he studied in Berlin under Strach, Adler and Local. He built one church in Schoenwalde and was employed erecting government stations in the Netherlands.

Architectural practice[edit]

In 1865 after completing his work in the Netherlands, Druiding came to the United States where he enjoyed an extensive practice in the design of Roman Catholic Churches throughout the Midwest.[2]

Druiding was noted as an aggressive businessman who was prepared to assume projects large and small.[3] This was quite unlike his countryman and fellow architect Franz Georg Himpler who designed far fewer buildings than Druiding, but more of Himpler's buildings survive to the present day.


Druiding was one of perhaps 20 American architects who contributed most of the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical architecture throughout the later part of the 19th century. His church buildings are much admired locally, have been featured in books on church architecture [4] and have found their way to some of the National Registers.[5]



Cathedral of St. Paul, Birmingham, Alabama


District of Columbia[edit]


New York[edit]


St. John the Baptist, Maria Stein





New Jersey[edit]


South Dakota[edit]



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