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Adonias Fonseca (born 1994) is a Brazilian player of Freestyle football and Futsal. Adonias was born in the Miraí city, Minas Gerais.

He plays for Brasil in Reis do Drible.[1]

He has more than 30 presentations in Television, traveled almost all states in Brasil and others 6 countries around the world.

He is sponsored by Vitafor Nutrientes, Attiitude and Dopamina Drink.[3]


Championships: 1st place: Reis do Drible - 2017, 1st place: Freestyle - FreeBattle 2016, 3rd place: Sick 3 Latino Americano 2017, 3rd place: Lugar Federação Brasileira de Futebol Freestyle 2015, Semifinalist: Premier Futsal India 2016, Semifinalist: Copa Rio 2010, Top 16 Brasil: RedBull 2011.

Video and television competitions: 1st place: Gillete Barcelona – Master of Precision 2015, 1st place: CBFF – Desafio de Dupla 2015, 1st place: Day Of Rock – Umbro Brasil 2012, 1st place: Reason to Live 2013, 1st place: Desafio AL10, 1st place: I want that Monta Ball 2013, 2nd place: SKF – Meet The world 2012, 1st place: ‘Dez ou mil’ - Programa do Ratinho 2015, 2nd place: ‘Show de Calouros’ - Programa Sílvio santos 2013, 2nd place: ‘Pingou na Rede’ - Rede Record 2013, Semifinalist: ‘Famosos do youtube’ - Programa da Eliana 2014, Semifinalist: 'Qual é o seu talento?'


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