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Adora BatBrat; Harriet Ann-Sophie Adora BatBrat Wimmerstedt Gärdh, born Harriet Ann-Sophie Carlsson in December 5, 1972, in Nybro, Sweden, is an internationally known goth alternative model, designer and artist from Sweden. She is mostly known for being a perky goth who is hyper-focused on her age. She believes she started the trend of painting swirls on her face with eyeliner and using rhinestones as make up decorations, and believes girls all over the world have coincidentally adapted her style.


Adora grew up in Kalmar, Sweden. She moved away at age 21 and studied art, fine carpentry, silversmithery and design. At art school she worked as a croquis model (nude model) during weekends for art classes. At the age of 21 (1993) she was published in a German Fashion Magazine where she was nude in bondage. Adora continued being a nude model for various magazines all over the world between 1993 and 1999.


At 16 Adora met her husband to be; Ronny Gärdh, 19 years, from Växjö, at a synthie music discotheque on January 5, 1989. They have been together ever since. They moved in together in Karlskrona 1995, got engaged 1996 and got married in Trefaldighetskyrkan, August 8, 1998, as of 2018 they are divored. They have three children together; girls Synthia Viola Lezzy Eila Wimmerstedt, August 9, 2003, Fairlight Oktavia Ester Monroe Wimmerstedt, April 11, 2005, and son TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil Wimmerstedt, November 3, 2006. All named after synthesizers.


Adora has a music project called Asperger Synthdrome. The name is said to be a play on words but she's also said in several interviews she chose the name because girls with Asperger Syndrome are under diagnosed in Sweden which leads to psychological damages and wants to shed some light on the problem. She has performed at famous goth club Bar Sinister, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 2016.

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After being used as a "thinspiration" model on pro-ana sites Adora told about her eating habits to prevent girls from using starvation to be skinny. Adora eats according to Montignac Method; a method using the glycemic index to eat yourself skinny by eating healthy.


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