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Adrenalyn XL are a football trading card game produced by Panini (stickers). In 2010 they featured 22 of the 32 FIFA World Cup 2010 teams. The England players show only the player's heads and say England Superstar on them. There are 18 England Cards and they have 3 Champions Cards. There are 350 Cards. There are 250 Base Cards, 25 Star Players, 25 Goal Stoppers, 25 Fan's Favourites and 25 Champions. Each card has a rating in attack and defense there is also an overall rating the players are rated out of 100. They bear only a few differences from the Super Strikes collection. One of which is that the font on the cards are different and that they sport a Fifa World Cup 2010 logo at the top right hand corner of the card and at the back of the card.

In 2010 Panini also released a Champions League-edition, containing 350 cards from 22 of the competing clubs, including such clubs as Barcelona, Arsenal and Lyon.

The odds for each of the inserts was as per 2010/2011:

  • Star player - 1 in 4 packets
  • Goal Stopper - 1 in 5 packets
  • Fan's Favourite - 1 in 8 packets
  • Champion - 1 in 24 packets

The odds for each of the inserts is today (Nordic Edition in Denmark):

  • Rising star - 1 in 6 packets
  • Star player - 1 in 6 packets
  • Fan's Favourite - 1 in 8 packets
  • Goal Stopper - 1 in 11,4 packets
  • Master - 1 in 15 packets
  • Top Master 1 in 60 packets
  • Legend 1 in 80 packets
  • Scandinavian Star 1 in 80 packets
  • Dansk Mester 1 in 80 packets

Card features

Each card features an attack, defence and an overall rating. They feature the player in the middle of the card and the player's team at the top left hand corner of the card. They also show the player's position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder or Forward) at the back of the card. Star players and Goal Stoppers sport a glitter foil effect while Fan's Favourites sport a Rainbow Foil effect. Champions sports a black/gold foil effect.