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Adrián Woll

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Adrián Woll
Born(1795-12-02)December 2, 1795
Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
Died1875 (aged 79–80)
Montauban, France
Allegiance Mexico
UnitJalisco Division
Battles/warsTexas Revolution
Mexican-American War
Second French intervention in Mexico
Other workGovernor of Tamaulipas

Adrián Woll (December 2, 1795 – February 1875) was a French Mexican general in the army of Mexico during the Texas Revolution and the military conflict between Mexico and the Republic of Texas which followed.

Woll was governor of Tamaulipas from May 2, 1853, to January 28, 1855, and had a second term from April 4, 1855, to September 8, 1855.

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Expedición de Woll[edit]

  • The Second Mexican-Texas War, Hill Junior College Monograph, Texian Press, Waco, TX, 1972.
  • His archives are kept by the French ministry of Foreign affairs (180PAAP)[1]

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