Adria–Wien Pipeline

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Adria–Wien Pipeline
Country Austria
General direction west-east
From Transalpine Pipeline, Würmlach
To Schwechat Refinery
General information
Type oil
Partners OMV, BP Austria, Shell Austria, Esso Austria, Agip
Operator Adria-Wien Pipeline GmbH
Commissioned 1970
Technical information
Length 420 km (260 mi)
Maximum discharge 8 million tons per year

The Adria–Wien Pipeline (AWP) is a crude oil pipeline, which connects the Transalpine Pipeline from Würmlach at the Italian-Austrian border with the Schwechat Refinery near Vienna, Austria. It allows oil supplies to Austria from the Italian oil terminal in Trieste.[1]


The planning of the pipeline started in 1965 with establishment of Adria–Wien Pipeline GmbH. The construction started in 1969 and the pipeline was commissioned in 1970.

Technical features[edit]

The length of the pipeline is 420 kilometres (260 mi). It has also a 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) long branch line to Lannach. The diameter of the main pipeline is 18 inches (460 mm) and it consists of 12 pumping stations. The capacity of the pipeline is 8 million tons of crude oil per year.[2]

Operating company[edit]

The pipeline is operated by Adria–Wien Pipeline GmbH, in which OMV owns 76%.[1] Other shareholders are BP Austria, Shell Austria, Esso Austria and Agip.


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