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Adria is a town in the Veneto region of Italy.

Adria may also refer to:

  • Adriatic Sea, a body of water separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula
  • Adria plate, a tectonic plate located between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate in the central Po plain
  • 143 Adria, an asteroid
  • Atri, Italy, a town formerly called Adria, in the Abruzzo region of Italy
  • Adria (river), a former channel of the Po delta passing by Adria, Italy
  • Adria (motorcycle)
  • A region consisting of former Yugoslav republics: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia


In business:

In medicine:

  • Adriamycin, the trade name for the chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin

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