Adriaen Pietersz Crabeth

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Adriaen Pietersz Crabeth (1510–1553) was a Dutch Renaissance glass painter.

Crabeth was born in Gouda. According to Karel van Mander he had been the pupil of the glass painter Jan Swart van Groningen.[1] He took his name from his father "Krepel Pieter" (English: "Cripple Peter"), and though he was a good student who quickly outshone his master, he died young in Autun after being there a short while during a tour of France.[1]

According to the RKD he was the son of Pieter Dirksz Crabeth, and the brother of the Gouda glass painters Wouter and Dirk Crabeth.[2] He became a pupil of Jan Swart of Groningen, but died relatively young, at Autun.[2]