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Adrian Chase
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceNew Teen Titans #23 (September 1982)
New Teen Titans Annual #2 (August 1983; as Vigilante)
Created byMarv Wolfman
George Pérez
In-story information
Alter egoAdrian Chase
Team affiliationsCheckmate
Notable aliasesVigilante, Prometheus
AbilitiesBrilliant marksman
Superb hand-to-hand combatant

Adrian Chase is the second fictional character known as the antihero Vigilante that appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Josh Segarra portrayed the character on The CW's live-action TV series Arrow as the supervillain Prometheus.

Publication history[edit]

Created by writer Marv Wolfman and penciler George Pérez, Adrian Chase first appeared in New Teen Titans #23 (September 1982) and as the Vigilante in New Teen Titans Annual #2 (August 1983).

After his initial appearance, the character gained his own ongoing Vigilante series, initially written by Wolfman and later included writers such as Alan Moore and Paul Kupperberg.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Adrian Chase was a New York City district attorney unlike his father Charles Chase. He sought justice his own way as the Vigilante after his wife Doris Chase and their children were killed by mobsters.[1] Adrian was initially shown taking pains to make sure he did not kill his enemies (unlike the Punisher) and would regularly use non-lethal weaponry to disable his opponents.

Throughout the Vigilante series, Chase was tormented over the justice of his actions and the pain brought to others. Chase flirted with abandoning his Vigilante identity after he savagely beat an ex-convict who turned out to be innocent. Eventually, Chase did abandon his Vigilante identity, believing that he could be both more effective and happier as a judge. But during his absence, the Vigilante identity was assumed by two of his friends (fellow judge Alan Wells and then bailiff Dave Winston respectively) without his knowledge.

But after Wells killed a police officer and in the wake of Winston's death at Peacemaker's hands, Chase once again assumed the Vigilante role, believing it was the only way to protect his loved ones. However, his experiences with Welles and Winston had damaged his fragile psyche beyond repair, causing him to adopt more vicious tactics in his war on crime. Seeking revenge on Peacemaker, the out of shape Adrian gets beaten in a fight and unmasked on live TV, thereby ending Chase's secret identity and forcing him even further into the Vigilante role.

Eventually, Chase became ever more conflicted over the violence he engaged in and the harm he caused to those around him. He also became increasingly mentally unstable—alternating between bouts of enraged violence, paranoia and terrible remorse for his actions. Near the end, he even resorted to murdering innocent police officers who got in his way. His mounting guilt culminated in Chase contemplating the course of his life and then committing suicide.[2]

Before his death, he frequently battled Cannon and Saber and Electrocutioner.

Adrian makes an appearance in the Day of Judgment limited series, as one of the dead heroes in Purgatory. He and the others run interference, battling the guardians of the realm, so other living heroes can escape with the soul of Hal Jordan. When the crisis concluded with Jordan assuming the Spectre mantle, Jim Corrigan appeared briefly on Earth, stating that the efforts of Chase and other heroes in Purgatory had earned an appeal in the shining city.[3]

It is been revealed recently that Adrian is the brother of Dorian Chase.

Powers and abilities[edit]

As the Vigilante, Adrian Chase is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, a brilliant marksman, and a master of the lariat. He also possessed the ability to heal quickly and regenerate his body from injuries as serious as stabbings or gun shot wounds, although he was capable of dying if the injuries were severe enough.

In other media[edit]


Josh Segarra as Adrian Chase in Arrow

Adrian Chase makes his live-action debut (as two different depictions) on The CW's Arrow, portrayed by Josh Segarra.[4][5][6][7]

  • The character's Earth-1 version was born Simon Morrison, and is depicted as the supervillain Prometheus instead of the antihero Vigilante while retaining his occupation as a district attorney. He is introduced as season five's main antagonist. After his criminal father Justin Claybourne was killed by the hooded Arrow vigilante, he trained under Talia al Ghul to acquire similar fighting techniques. Five years later, Adrian is Star City's District Attorney to get close to Oliver Queen, while simultaneously terrorizing Oliver's vigilante team as a serial killer dubbed as the Throwing Star Killer by the media. As both Prometheus and Adrian, he embarks on a crusade to destroy Oliver's reputation as both the Green Arrow and Mayor in City Hall, deals with the other individuals (crime lord Tobias Church and the Vigilante) making attempts on Oliver, plants evidence to frame Quentin Lance for his own murders, convinces Evelyn Sharp to betray Team Arrow, manipulates Green Arrow into killing police detective Billy Malone (dressed with the Prometheus costume) and leaks his cover up to the press to trigger an impeachment hearing that forces Oliver to publicly disown Green Arrow as a cop killer, has Earth-2 Laurel Lance infiltrate Team Arrow by impersonating her deceased Earth-1 doppelgänger, and tricks John Diggle into being detained by the authorities before exonerating the man. At the cost of his own wife's life, Chase captures Oliver with Talia's help as both seek revenge on Queen for killing their respective fathers. Being certain that Oliver's heroic identity and crusade are merely a pretext, Chase proceeds to torture Oliver (physically and psychologically) into confessing that he enjoyed killing targets, before setting his nemesis free. Chase is eventually exposed and forced to go into hiding, when Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt reverse-engineer the technology he uses to blur his face from surveillance cameras when unmasked in the Prometheus outfit. He teams up with Derek Sampson to release his father's weaponized tuberculosis on Star City while also trying to destroy Robert Queen's legacy, before being captured by Green Arrow. While in A.R.G.U.S. custody, Chase has his team kidnap Team Arrow and William Clayton, forcing Oliver to release him. No longer using his Prometheus alias at this point, Adrian and his associates go to Lian Yu, chased by Oliver's allies. The two sides clash with Oliver's allies emerging victorious. Incapacitated and unwilling to accept defeat, Adrian commits suicide which triggers his dead man's switch and blows up the C4 planted on Lian Yu, resulting in Samantha Clayton's death and Thea Queen being left in a coma. In season six, Chase appears in Oliver's Vertigo hallucination and proves that he himself is Oliver's greatest enemy.
  • The character's Earth-2 doppelgänger operates as the Hood in the final season. When looking for Dwarf Star particles for the Monitor on Earth-2, Oliver stumbles upon a crime scene and encounters the Hood and Black Canary (Earth-2). He learns that Tommy Merlyn (aka the Dark Archer) has stolen the particles and plans to destroy the Glades. Oliver teams up with the Hood and Black Canary and successfully stops Merlyn's plan. When Earth-2 is destroyed by an anti-matter wave, Adrian's fate left unknown.

Video games[edit]

The Adrian Chase version of Prometheus appears as a playable character in Lego DC Super-Villains as part of the "DC Super Villains: TV Series DLC Character Pack".


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