Adrian Dalsey

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Adrian Dalsey
Born(1914-10-14)October 14, 1914, Illinois
DiedOctober 10, 1994(1994-10-10) (aged 79), Walnut Creek, California
Known forCo-founding DHL

Adrian Dalsey (October 14, 1914, Illinois - October 10, 1994, Walnut Creek, California) was a co-founder of DHL,[1] a shipping company (Dalsey was the "D" in DHL).

He was born in Illinois on October 14, 1914, to a Jewish Polish father and an American mother. He attended Wheaton College (Illinois), but later dropped out. He married Marjorie Schutt Dalsey and they had two children together, a boy named Jonathan and daughter Jennifer. He also fathered another son, Harry Dalsey after divorcing his wife Marjorie. Harry admitted to killing Guy Broomfield in 1999, and plea bargained it down to manslaughter.[2] Adrian Dalsey married Harry's mother Annie, and they were together until he died in 1994, in Walnut Creek, California .


In 1969, he co-founded DHL alongside business partners Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn. He traveled to southeast Asia, Micronesia, Hawaii, Guam and other various parts of Asia, until he sold his share of DHL in 1980.

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