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Adrian Hădean
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Born (1977-09-04) September 4, 1977 (age 41)

Adrian Hădean (born 4 September 1977), Arad) is a well-known Romanian „chef”. He grew up in Baia Mare, a city in northern Romania, where he also made his debut as a professional cook. Today, he is a well-renowned Romanian chef, gastronomer, food blogger, writer, and public personality. He is particularly famous for his culinary blog,[1] one of the most visited in Romania,[2] as well as for his participation as a member of the jury in the cooking show MasterChef,[3] which debuted in 2014 on one of the Romanian TV stations.

Adrian Hădean's culinary experience began in 1998 when he entered the realm of professional cuisine. He hosted a series of TV shows, published books or contributed to publishing them, adding his knowledge to culinary terminology. He has become famous via the numerous projects he participated in over time.[4]


He hosted a series of cooking shows, Sare și Piper (Salt and Pepper), for a local TV station in Baia Mare,[5] Happy Cook in Oradea, followed by a self-directed show, Rețete fără secrete (Recipes Without Secrets), for the local Antena 1 TV station. He has contributed for Euforia TV. His most recent TV collaboration is for the show Sarea în bucate (A Pinch of Salt), produced in Cluj-Napoca, for the local national network TVR 3.

In 2014, he joined the jury of MasterChef, the Romanian version of British-inspired TV show MasterChef, which is in its fourth season. The show's format showcases a cooking competition, meant for amateur chefs.


In 2003, Adrian Hădean published his first book, “Sare și piper” (Salt and Pepper), inspired by the name of his debut show on a local Baia Mare TV station, followed in 2012 by a second book, “Rețete pentru un Crăciun în familie” (Recipes for a Family-Style Christmas).

He contribution toward culinary education with several books translated and edited in Romanian: "1000 Rețete. Deserturi"[6] (1000 Recipes: Desserts), "1000 Rețete. Preparate rapide"[7] (1000 Recipes: Quick Meals) and "Rețete delicioase pentru prepararea pâinii"[8] (Delicious Recipes for Making Bread).


Starting 2014, he became a member of the jury for the MasterChef TV show, a cooking show aired on Pro TV.

He manages to stand out not only by his talent and passion for what he does, but also by his creative ideas and involvement in social causes.

He developed a partnership with Cluj-Napoca local authorities for the „Farfurii curate”[9] (Clean Plates) project, the objective of which was to implement healthy menus in three public kindergartens in Cluj-Napoca.[10]

He has won several awards and cups and set a cooking record by making a 101-meter-long skewer, roasted on a continuous coal-fire of the same length.[11]

He is a specialty consultant for various restaurants and country-wide cooking business chains, a member of Arena Bucătarilor (Chefs' Arena), a competition for professional chefs set up by the discount store chain Selgros.[12]

In the national project "Eroi locali"[13] (Local Heroes) he was selected by Samsung, the official sponsor of 2012 London Summer Olympics, to carry the Olympic Torch,[9] in Ramsgate, Kent for over 300 meters.


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