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Adrian Schrinner
Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane
Assumed office
7 April 2011
Leader Graham Quirk
Preceded by Graham Quirk
Brisbane City Councillor for
Chandler Ward
Assumed office
10 September 2005
Preceded by Michael Caltabiano
Personal details
Political party Liberal National Party

Adrian Schrinner is Deputy Mayor of Brisbane City Council. He has been in office since September 2005, representing the ward of Chandler for the Liberal National Party of Queensland.

Schrinner was elected Deputy Mayor since April 2011, after the post was vacated by incoming Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.[1] Schrinner is the youngest person in Brisbane's history to be elected to the position.[2]

Early life[edit]

Schrinner was raised in Brisbane's south-eastern suburbs, attending high school at Citipointe Christian College in Mansfield, Queensland.[3]

A keen amateur pilot, Schrinner qualified to fly light aircraft solo at age sixteen. After leaving school he commenced training to become an officer in the Royal Australian Air Force.[2]

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland.[3]

Political career[edit]

Newman Administration[edit]

Schrinner stood for the Chandler Ward by-election in September 2005 after the previous councillor Michael Caltabiano was elected to state parliament.[4]

Following the 2008 election, the Lord Mayor appointed Schrinner as the Chairman of the Finance and Administration Committee.[5] This Committee was later expanded to become the Finance, Administration and Economic Development Committee.

Quirk Administration[edit]

Following the resignation of Campbell Newman as Lord Mayor in March 2011,[6] the Council appointed Deputy Mayor Graham Quirk to fill the role of Lord Mayor until the 2012 election.[7] At the same meeting, Schrinner was elected as Deputy Mayor.

The Quirk Administration was elected in its own right in April 2012 and Schrinner continued to serve as Deputy Mayor following the election.[8]

Following the election, the Lord Mayor appointed Schrinner chair of the Infrastructure Committee. This role included oversight of major projects such as the $1.5 billion Legacy Way Tunnel, open level crossing eliminations at Bald Hills and Geebung and the reconstruction of the New Farm Riverwalk after the 2011 Queensland floods.[9] He also trialled and successfully introduced pedestrian countdown timers at traffic signals across the city.[10]

In 2014 he led the Brisbane Parking Taskforce, which aimed to reform car parking management across the city. The package of measures included the introduction of 15-minute free parking at more than 7,000 metered spaces.[11]

In March 2016 election, the Quirk Administration was returned with an increased majority and Schrinner was re-elected Deputy Mayor unopposed.

Following the election, Schrinner was tasked with chairing the Public and Active Transport Committee, with special responsibility for the Brisbane Metro project.[12]

Personal life[edit]

Schrinner lives in the suburb of Carindale, Queensland. He and his wife Nina have two children, Octavia and Wolfgang.[2]


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