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Adrian von Ziegler
Birth nameAdrian von Ziegler
Born (1989-12-25) 25 December 1989 (age 30)
Zürich, Switzerland
GenresCeltic, dark alternative, world, symphonic metal, folk metal, film score, electronic music
Occupation(s)Songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, writer
InstrumentsPiano, keyboard, bagpipes, guitar, bass, percussion
Years active2005–present

Adrian von Ziegler (born 25 December 1989) is a Swiss composer from Zürich.[1] He gained popularity on the video-sharing website YouTube, where his channel has acquired over 943,000 subscribers.[2] He composes mostly non-vocal works, having stated that he does not wish to add lyrics to his songs unless the singer is Enya, a female composer he respects.[3] Adrian von Ziegler uses a "very old keyboard"[4] and Magix Music Maker among others to compose his music.[4] Although there are few signs of media attention, von Ziegler was featured in an article in the Magix magazine in 2012.[5]

Musical career debuts[edit]

After his first musical experiences at age 15 as a drummer in a local rock band, von Ziegler started to compose music. Since it wasn't possible for him to compose music and remain with the band, he left and bought his first guitar.

From 2007 to 2009 he recorded countless demo songs under the artist name "Indigo", in which his guitar would get replaced increasingly often by keyboard and orchestral arrangements of which he grew to favour. In 2008 his music was released into the world for the first time as he set up an account on the social networking site, Myspace.[6]

After dropping the Indigo pseudonym in 2009, he set the trend of releasing albums annually. 2010 saw the release of two albums, Requiem, and Lifeclock, and in 2011 Wanderer, Across Acheron, and Mirror of the Night were released. By the end of 2012, von Ziegler had released five more albums: Mortulia, Spellbound, The Celtic Collection, Starchaser, and Odyssey. During 2013, he released Feather and Skull, and Vagabond. In March 2014, his album, Libertas, was released, and in October 2014, Queen of Thorns was released. In 2016 he released his 17th album, Moonsong. Two years later, in 2018, he released his album. Saga. In February 2019 he released the unannounced album Fable,


Adrian von Ziegler states that his inspiration originates from a variety of sources. He notes that nature, literature, history, mythology, his emotions, his imaginary worlds, and his wife Carina all give him inspiration for his musical works. Carina and Adrian have been in a relationship since 2011.[1]


Year Albums
2010 Requiem
2010 Lifeclock
2011 Across Acheron
2011 Wanderer
2011 Mirror of the Night
2012 Mortualia
2012 Spellbound
2012 Starchaser
2012 The Celtic Collection (Compilation)
2012 Odyssey
2013 Feather and Skull
2013 Vagabond
2014 Libertas
2014 The Celtic Collection II (Compilation)
2014 Queen of Thorns
2016 Atmospheres
2016 Moonsong
2018 Saga
2019 Fable
2019 The Celtic Collection III (Compilation)
2020 Veiled


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