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Adriana Cramer
Melissa Gallo as Adriana Cramer.png
Melissa Fumero as Adriana Cramer
One Life to Live character
Portrayed by
Duration 2003–08, 2010–11
First appearance May 27, 2003 (May 27, 2003)
Last appearance January 25, 2011 (January 25, 2011)
Created by Michael Malone
Introduced by Frank Valentini
All My Children
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Co-owner of Exposed
Model for Craze
Residence Paris, France

Adriana Cramer is a fictional character from the American daytime drama One Life to Live. Amanda Cortinas originated the character in 2003, and Melissa Fumero (credited by her maiden name "Melissa Gallo") subsequently played her from 2004 to 2008, 2010, and 2011.


The role was originated by Amanda Cortinas from May to September 2003. The role was recast with Melissa Fumero, debuting January 22, 2004 and continuing through June 11, 2008.[1] Fumero returned for a stint from September 18, 2008 to[2] October 28, 2008, and again on February 12, 2010, to help usher in the return of Kelly Cramer (Gina Tognoni). Fumero returned again on November 9, 2010 for two episodes and once more on January 25, 2011. Fumero also portrayed the role on All My Children for two episodes in February 2005.

Character history[edit]


In May 2003, 15-year-old Adriana Colón arrives in Llanview to stay with her godmother Carlotta Vega for the summer. Upon arriving, she met and quickly fell in love with River Carpenter, to Carlotta's chagrin. Disapproving of the relationship, Carlotta does everything she can to separate the lovers, culminating in having Adriana whisked to a convent school in Puerto Rico in September 2003. Upon tracking her down, River brings her back to Llanview in January 2004.

Upon Adriana's re-arrival in Llanview, Dorian Cramer Lord announces that she is her biological mother and that Adriana is to inherit $30 million from Dorian's Aunt Betsy. Although Dorian's revelation of being Adriana's mother originates as a scheme cooked up by Dorian and David Vickers to secure Betsy's money for themselves, it is later proven that Adriana is Dorian's biological daughter.

Adriana's status as Dorian's daughter was originally meant to be a hoax. The storyline was switched midway through when OLTL's producers recognized a resemblance between Robin Strasser and Melissa Fumero.[citation needed]

While sitting as the Ambassador to Mendorra in the mid-1980s, Dorian is introduced to mobster Manuel Santi, brother of her longtime maid, Carlotta Vega. The two briefly marry, but, six weeks later, a now pregnant Dorian has the marriage annulled. Upon giving birth to Adriana, fearing for the child’s safety in light of Santi's reputation and lifestyle, Dorian (with Carlotta's help) places her in the custody of the Colon family in Puerto Rico.

In summer 2004, Manuel Santi's volatile son Tico Santi comes to Llanview, forging a sibling relationship with Adriana. In the meantime, it is revealed that Antonio Vega is Santi's biological son and half-brother to Adriana.

Adriana and River's relationship, meanwhile, takes a serious turn and the two teenagers have sex. They fail to use protection, and Adriana fears that she could be pregnant. To her relief, the test comes back negative. Later, Adriana is temporarily kidnapped by members of Tico’s organization. Her sudden disappearance causes River to think that she no longer wants to be involved with him, and he gives in to the temptations of the flirtatious Shannon McBain. Upon Adriana's return to Llanview, she catches the two together and steadfastly ends her and River's relationship. A heartbroken River leaves Llanview to study music at Juilliard.

Relationships with Duke and Rex[edit]

In early 2005, Adriana begins dating Duke Buchanan, though their families are rivals and object to their involvement. That summer, Adriana follows Duke to Argentina, where Duke's great-grandfather Asa Buchanan is in hiding. While there, the two are chased by Argentine thugs after overhearing a conversation between Asa and Carlo Hesser about eliminating one of the Cramer women and assuming that they were speaking of Adriana.

Duke and Adriana are captured by Carlo's henchmen and held for ransom. The two young lovers escape and return to Llanview. Adriana is bothered when Duke spends more time at his job at Buchanan Enterprises. During this time, Adriana befriends Rex Balsom, and they develop an attraction. Though Adriana resists it because of her relationship with Duke, it leads to a kiss. When Duke learns of Adriana's indiscretion (from Ginger Foley), he is angered but willing to work things out. When Adriana and Duke are about to have sex for the first time, she calls Duke by Rex's name. Furious, Duke ends their relationship. The two slowly make inroads and, tentatively, begin seeing each other again. Adriana's attraction to Rex remains a palpable presence in their relationship. Realizing her feelings for Rex are not going away, Adriana breaks off her relationship with Duke. A misunderstanding leads her to believe that Rex was not interested in her. After dancing around their feelings, the two begin dating.

Adriana and Rex's new relationship is tested when she learns that he has aided and abetted a fugitive Todd Manning. In the spring of 2006, Adriana begins modeling and quickly forges a successful career, resulting in her being stalked by an obsessed fan. Adriana is attacked several times by her unknown pursuer, and Rex seeks to protect her. Fearing for her safety, Adriana and Rex leave Llanview. The stalker becomes aware of their whereabouts and follows them. As Rex investigates who is behind the ordeal, Adriana mistakenly believes that he is the culprit and flees from him.

While trying to get away from Rex, the real desperado captures Adriana. The actual stalker is shady attorney Bruce Bartlett. During this time, Adriana is startled to learn from Bruce that he has been hired by Dorian to tail her while the two plot to make Rex look like the guilty party in Dorian's attempt to break up their relationship. Bruce turns on Dorian and demands ransom for Adriana's safe return.

Meanwhile, Rex continues to investigate and eventually intervenes. During a ferocious fight, Rex kills Bruce. While Adriana and Rex reunite, Adriana is livid with Dorian for the stunt she pulled and exiles her mother from her life. Adriana later moves in with friend Layla Williamson, and the two join forces to go into the lingerie design business. The two soon hire a model by the name of Tate Harmon, and he and Adriana became friends. Rex does not trust Tate and investigates, which leads to his and Adriana's break-up. Rex continues to investigate and turns to police commissioner Bo Buchanan. Tate is later verified as a member of the One Pure People, a racist group. Adriana still loves Rex, and they soon get back together.

Adriana has a conversation on her cell phone. Rex does a double take when Adriana asks questions about her pregnancy, such as, "When will I start to show?" Rex's mother, Roxy, is shown on the phone with Rex and asks when are they going public with the news. Rex confronts Adriana about the baby and tries to be supportive, unsure how Adriana feels. Adriana laughs and informs Rex that she was doing research for a possible maternity line to add to Exposed. She reassures Rex that she is not pregnant and if she were, she would talk to him immediately, and they would make any decisions together.

Adriana later goes to Paris, after a man named Jean-Pierre expresses interest in her work. It is later discovered that Adriana's trip is a set-up by Dorian to keep her and Rex apart. Adriana gives Dorian an ultimatum: if she does not marry Rex, then she will cut Dorian out of her life. However, Adriana's attitude is seemingly based on jealousy towards Rex's ex-girlfriend, Gigi Morasco, rather than resentment towards Dorian. Adriana takes on a darker attitude due to insecurity about Gigi and Rex. Gigi's son, Shane, notices Adriana's personality and designs his comic book supervillain "Evelyn Evil" in Adriana's likeness.

Rex and Adriana marry on May 20, 2008. The wedding has a few ups and downs, including when Gigi stands up and declares her feelings for Rex, as well as the return of Brody Lovett, who was believed by everyone to be dead. Shane's biological father also re-appears. Adriana brings Brody to Llanview in the hopes that Brody and Gigi would resume their previous relationship. Adriana lashes out at Dorian after finding Dorian is responsible for Gigi's declaration of love and trying to get Brody to leave Llanview. Adriana blames Dorian for her problems with Rex while hating that she has become a manipulative schemer like her mother. She tells Rex the truth about all of her lies, with the exception of Rex being Shane's father, and leaves town for Paris to sort things out.

Gigi tracks a missing Rex down in Texas and finally tells him that he is Shane's father; soon Rex and Gigi discover that Brody has faked a paternity test, fearing that Gigi had disappeared and Shane would end up in foster care. On September 18, 2008, Rex tells Adriana over the phone that he wants a divorce after realizing that she had known about Shane's paternity all along and had even provided Brody with the means to fake the DNA test.[2]

Adriana returns on October 2, 2008, after Rex is shot by Brody, who was under the effect of post-traumatic stress. At first she will not allow Gigi to see Rex, and moves him into La Boulaie. With the help of Marcie, Gigi gets in to see Rex and he wakes up. After realizing that she has done wrong, and has no chance with Rex, she allows him to be with Gigi, and returns to Paris. In December 2009, it is mentioned that Adriana had been in a car accident; she survives, but Dorian attributes it to Mitch Laurence, who has been threatening to harm one of the Cramer women.

On February 12, 2010, Adriana runs into her cousin Kelly Cramer at a Paris cafe. With Mitch's threat looming, the two return to Llanview and reunite with Dorian and Blair. On March 2, 2010, Adriana surprises Rex at his loft and they briefly reconnect; however, Rex is still in love with Gigi.

On November 9, 2010, Adriana makes another appearance in Paris, along with Cris, Layla, and Gigi. Adriana invites Gigi for a drink and begins to taunt her about her and Rex becoming close friends since the incident with her sister Stacy Morasco, and tells her that Rex confided in her about them not having sex, which results in Gigi punching her. However, Adriana simply shrugs it off. Before leaving the exhibit with Layla, she tells Gigi to tell Rex she said hi, then takes it back, saying she will call Rex and tell him herself.

Adriana reappeared on January 25, 2011, when Dorian calls her to get information on Aubrey Wentworth.


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