Adriana Kučerová

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Adriana Kučerová

Adriana Kučerová (born February 24, 1976) is a Slovak soprano.

She was born on February 24, 1976, in Lučenec, Czechoslovakia.[1] She was 22 years old and was almost finished with her university studies before she decided to go into a music career. Frank Kuznik of The Prague Post said "To say that Adriana Kučerová came late to singing would be like saying that Mozart was just another composer."[2] She had originally studied at Matej Bel University, working towards a degree so she could become a teacher. Kuznik said that she "chang[ed] her mind literally at the last minute."[2] A teacher at the university's music school recommended that she attend a conservatory in Bratislava.[2] Kučerová attended the school of music in Bratislava, the Conservatoire Supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon in Lyon, France,[3] and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU).[4]

She won the European Music Prize for Youth in Hamburg, Germany in 2001 and in the International Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-Budapest in 2002.[3] In 2005 she won the Gabor Belvedere singing competition in Vienna, Austria,[2] winning first prize and the special prizes of the audience.[3] Kuznik said that since then, she "has been in demand on stages throughout Europe".[2]

She joined the Slovak National Theatre after finishing her university studies.[3] As of 2009 she is a resident of Bratislava.[2]


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