Adriana Seroni

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Adriana Seroni
Italian Chamber of Deputies
In office
Personal details
Born June 9, 1922
Florence, Italy
Died April 9, 1984(1984-04-09) (aged 61)
Nationality Italian
Political party Italian Communist Party
Profession Politician, journalist

Adriana Fabbri Seroni, commonly known as Adriana Seroni, (June 9, 1922 – April 9, 1984) was an Italian journalist and politician of the Communist Party, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies from 1972 to 1984.[1]


Seroni was born in Florence on June 9, 1922. She finished her degree on humanities and became a journalist. As a journalist, she defended women's rights.[2] In 1972, she became an Chamber of Deputies member for the Italian Communist Party. She was a deputy and a journalist until her death in 1984.[3]


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