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Adriatic Croatia
International Club d.d.
Traded asZSEACI
IndustryNautical tourism
Founded1 July 1983
HeadquartersOpatija, Croatia
Key people
Doris Peručić (CEO)
HRK 17.6 million (2009) Increase from HRK 11.0 million in 2008[1]
Number of employees
400 (2005)[2]

Adriatic Croatia International Club, commonly referred to as ACI Club or simply ACI, is a Croatian nautical tourism company based in Opatija which operates a marina chain along the Croatian part of the Adriatic coast. From the initial 16 marinas opened in 1986 they expanded to 22 in 2016, which makes it the largest chain of marinas in the Mediterranean as of 2016. ACI is also known for organizing the annual match racing sailing regatta called the "ACI Match Race Cup", first held in 1987.


ACI was originally established on 1 July 1983 as a state-owned company with the aim of promoting nautical tourism. It was originally called Adriatic Club Yugoslavia (ACY), which was changed in 1991 to Adriatic Yacht Club (due to the breakup of Yugoslavia and Croatia's independence), although they continued using the ACY shortname.[3] In June 1994, after it underwent privatization, the company was re-established as a joint-stock company, adopted its current name and changed their shortname to ACI Club accordingly.[3]

ACI is also the biggest single member of the Croatian Association of Marinas (Croatian: Udruženje hrvatskih marina), the national trade association of around 50 individual marinas operating in Croatian waters, meaning that ACI controls nearly half of all marinas in the country.[4] The company's shares are listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE), although a 79% majority stake is held by the state-owned Croatian Privatization Fund (HFP) as of December 2009.


The company's initial 16 marinas were built between 1982 and 1985 and opened for tourists in the summer of 1986. The marinas in Korčula and Opatija followed and opened in 1989 and 1990. In January 1991 the independently operated Dubrovnik marina was integrated into the company's network and in 1994 marinas at Cres and Šimuni were added. In July 2016 the newest ACI marina opened in Slano, named by ACI's founder Veljko Barbieri. The company thus operates a total of 22 marinas as of 2016, making it the largest single marina chain in the entire Mediterranean.[5][6] Out of the 22 marinas 18 are open year-round while the remaining four (Palmižana, Piškera, Rab and Žut) operate during summer months only. The northernmost marina is in Umag while the southernmost is in Dubrovnik.

The following is the complete list of ACI marinas:[6]

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ACI marina on the island of Žut.
Marina Location Open Berths Coordinates
ACI Cres Island of Cres Year-round 450 44°57.00′N 14°24.00′E / 44.95000°N 14.40000°E / 44.95000; 14.40000 (Cres)
ACI Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Year-round 450 42°40.30′N 18°07.00′E / 42.67167°N 18.11667°E / 42.67167; 18.11667 (Dubrovnik)
ACI Jezera Island of Murter Year-round 200 43°47.10′N 15°39.20′E / 43.78500°N 15.65333°E / 43.78500; 15.65333 (Jezera)
ACI Korčula Island of Korčula Year-round 135 42°57.60′N 17°08.40′E / 42.96000°N 17.14000°E / 42.96000; 17.14000 (Jezera)
ACI Milna Island of Brač Year-round 190 43°19.60′N 16°27.00′E / 43.32667°N 16.45000°E / 43.32667; 16.45000 (Milna)
ACI Opatija-Ičići Opatija Year-round 300 45°19.00′N 14°17.70′E / 45.31667°N 14.29500°E / 45.31667; 14.29500 (Opatija-Ičići)
ACI Palmižana Island of Sveti Klement March–October 160 43°09.80′N 16°23.80′E / 43.16333°N 16.39667°E / 43.16333; 16.39667 (Palmižana)
ACI Piškera Island of Piškera March–October 150 43°45.60′N 15°21.20′E / 43.76000°N 15.35333°E / 43.76000; 15.35333 (Piškera)
ACI Pomer Pula Year-round 220 44°49.00′N 13°54.00′E / 44.81667°N 13.90000°E / 44.81667; 13.90000 (Pomer)
ACI Pula Pula Year-round 200 44°52.60′N 13°50.00′E / 44.87667°N 13.83333°E / 44.87667; 13.83333 (Pula)
ACI Rab Island of Rab March–October 140 44°45.40′N 14°46.00′E / 44.75667°N 14.76667°E / 44.75667; 14.76667 (Rab)
ACI Rovinj Rovinj Year-round 380 45°04.06′N 13°38.04′E / 45.06767°N 13.63400°E / 45.06767; 13.63400 (Rovinj)
ACI Šimuni Island of Pag Year-round 175 43°45.60′N 15°21.20′E / 43.76000°N 15.35333°E / 43.76000; 15.35333 (Šimuni)
ACI Skradin Skradin Year-round 200 43°49.00′N 15°55.60′E / 43.81667°N 15.92667°E / 43.81667; 15.92667 (Skradin)
ACI Slano Slano Year-round 200 42°47.00′N 17°53.23′E / 42.78333°N 17.88717°E / 42.78333; 17.88717 (Slano)
ACI Split Split Year-round 360 43°30.10′N 16°26.00′E / 43.50167°N 16.43333°E / 43.50167; 16.43333 (Split)
ACI Supetarska Draga Island of Rab Year-round 270 44°48.20′N 14°43.80′E / 44.80333°N 14.73000°E / 44.80333; 14.73000 (Supetarska Draga)
ACI Trogir Trogir Year-round 180 43°30.80′N 16°15.20′E / 43.51333°N 16.25333°E / 43.51333; 16.25333 (Trogir)
ACI Umag Umag Year-round 518 45°26.02′N 13°31.00′E / 45.43367°N 13.51667°E / 45.43367; 13.51667 (Umag)
ACI Vodice Vodice Year-round 415 43°45.20′N 15°47.00′E / 43.75333°N 15.78333°E / 43.75333; 15.78333 (Vodice)
ACI Vrboska Island of Hvar Year-round 85 43°10.80′N 16°41.00′E / 43.18000°N 16.68333°E / 43.18000; 16.68333 (Vrboska)
ACI Žut Island of Žut March–October 120 43°53.20′N 15°17.40′E / 43.88667°N 15.29000°E / 43.88667; 15.29000 (Vrboska)

Match race cup[edit]

ACI also organizes the annual match racing sailing event called "ACI Match Race Cup". First held in 1987, it usually takes place in the waters near Rovinj or Split. Race results are counted towards the International Sailing Federation World Rankings. Irish skipper Harold Cudmore won the inaugural event in 1987, and Australian Peter Gilmour has most wins overall, winning the event five times (in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2005).[7]

The following is the complete list of winning skippers:[7]

  • 2007 – Paolo Cian (ITA)
  • 2008 – Paolo Cian (ITA)
  • 2009 – Roberto Ferrarese (ITA)
  • 2010 – Mate Arapov (CRO)
  • 2011 – Tomislav Bašić (CRO)
  • 2012 – Tomislav Bašić (CRO)


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