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Not to be confused with Adria LNG.
The Adriatic LNG terminal

The Adriatic LNG terminal is a liquid natural gas offshore terminal, formally known as Terminale GNL Adriatico Srl.[1] Located in the northern Adriatic 9 miles (14 km) offshore of Porto Levante, Porto Viro, near Rovigo, Italy, it is the world's first offshore gravity-based structure LNG regasification terminal.[2][1] The terminal is operated by Qatar Terminal Ltd., a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum (45%), ExxonMobil Italiana Gas (45%), and Edison SpA (10%).[3] The terminal is 47-metre (154 ft) high, 88-metre (289 ft) wide, and 180-metre (590 ft) long.[4]


The terminal facility was built in Algeciras, Spain, then towed to Porto Levante, Italy. Construction started in October 2003 and finished in August 2008.[5] The LNG tanks were constructed in South Korea. The pipeline that connects to the terminal is located south of the Levante Po River mouth near Scanno Cavallari.[6]


After construction was completed in Algeciras, the rig was towed by four tugboats to its current location off the coast of Rovigo.[5] The flotilla traveled the 1,700 nautical miles (3,100 km; 2,000 mi) in 16 days to reach the site. It traveled at an average speed of 4.4 knots (8.1 km/h; 5.1 mph).[4] When it arrived, the terminal was weighted down by water to ensure it was permanently positioned on the seabed.[4]


Operations started in the mid of 2009. It received its first cargo on 11 August 2009. When fully operational, it is expected to store and regasify 8 billion cubic metres (280 billion cubic feet) of natural gas per year, enough to meet 10% of Italy's natural gas needs.[7][8] The terminal will receive a LNG carrier every three days from Qatar.[5] The gas will then be regasified and will be sent to the Italian gas network by a pipeline from the terminal to the coast.


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Coordinates: 45°05′30″N 12°35′10″E / 45.09167°N 12.58611°E / 45.09167; 12.58611