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Adriel Hampton
Adriel Hampton March 12, 2015.JPG
Adriel Hampton in 2015
Born Modesto, California
Alma mater U. C. Berkeley
Occupation Co-founder and President at AMS Psychographics; CEO at The Adriel Hampton Group
Political party Democratic

Adriel Hampton (born 1978) runs a marketing agency in San Francisco and the web product ActionSites. Previously, he co-founded and served as president of Pinpoint Predictive, a programmatic advertising targeting company based in San Francisco and was an early member of the Los Angeles software company NationBuilder.[1] In 2009, Adriel became the first person to launch a Congressional candidacy via Twitter.[2]

Early life[edit]

Hampton was born in Modesto, California and was homeschooled. Hampton worked as an editor at the Lodi News-Sentinel, Alameda News Group, and San Francisco Examiner, and as an investigator for the San Francisco City Attorney's Office.[3]

Web 2.0 and Government[edit]

Hampton founded Government 2.0 Radio. Hampton describes the talk as highlighting efforts to improve transparency and responsiveness in government at all levels.[3] Hampton gained publicity for use of Twitter and Facebook to campaign for the CA-10 seat to replace Rep. Tauscher.[3][4] [5] Hampton organized the crowdsourcing of an anti-Drug War policy statement. Regarding this effort, he stated, “As Congressman, I’m going to practice what I preach. The job of a representative is to listen to and lead huge groups of people, and that means using new technologies to harness the ideas of many.”[6]

Campaign for Congress CA-10[edit]

On March 18, 2009, Hampton's hometown Congresswoman Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D CA-10) was nominated by President Barack Obama’s to serve as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Pending Rep. Tauscher’s approval by the U.S. Senate, a special election to fill her seat took place. Hampton was a candidate—the first in U.S. history to announce his campaign by Twitter—and placed 12th of 15 candidates.[7]

Post-Campaign Work[edit]

After his Congressional campaign, Hampton began working as Vice-President of Business Development at NationBuilder, a Los Angeles tech start up that does work on, among other things, websites for politicians such as California Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. In 2015, Hampton left NationBuilder and founded a consulting firm, The Adriel Hampton Group. Also in 2015, he co-founded Pinpoint Predictive, a San Francisco startup pioneering predictive personality advertising. Adriel is a board member of LegiNation, Inc. and co-founded the SF Tech Dems in 2011.[8] Adriel's consulting firm works with technology companies on sales, marketing and community building, and also with progressive nonprofits and campaigns.[9] Hampton's clients have included phone and email append provider Accurate Append, mobile canvassing app Ecanvasser, and the activist toolset Do Gooder. He is an adviser to VoterCircle.


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