Adrien Dauzats

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Posthumous portrait of Dauzats by Loÿs Delteil

Adrien Dauzats, a French landscape and genre painter, was born at Bordeaux in 1804. He became a pupil of Michel-Julien Gué, and afterwards travelled in France, Spain, Egypt, and Palestine, for the purpose of making illustrations for Baron Taylor's 'Voyages pittoresques et romantiques de l'ancienne Prance,' 1820-63; ' Voyage pittoresque en Espagne, en Portugal, et sur la côte d'Afrique, de Tanger à Tetouan,' 1826-32; 'La Syrie, I'Egypte, la Palestine et la Judée,' 1835-39, and other books. He was a frequent exhibitor at the Salon of genre subjects and interiors of churches, and was also a lithographer. He died in Paris in 1868.