Adrien Marquet

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Adrien Marquet in 1932

Adrien Marquet (6 October 1885 – 3 February 1955) was a socialist mayor of Bordeaux who turned to the far right.


Marquet was born in Bordeaux, and became mayor of that city in 1925 as a socialist. In 1933 he was expelled from the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO) and formed the Neo-Socialists.[1] This expulsion involved an address to the SFIO where he emphasized order and authority as necessary to win the masses, a position which Léon Blum found frightening.[2] He and Marcel Déat then formed the Neosocialists. Later he declared this faction to be decidedly anti-Marxist.[3] He eventually abandoned any form of socialism and briefly served as Minister of the Interior for Philippe Pétain.[4] Further like Marcel Déat he became a supporter of Pierre Laval.