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The Miraculous Medal design was executed by Adrien Vachette.

Adrien-Jean-Maximilien Vachette (1753–1839) was a French goldsmith best known for the production of ornate gold boxes.

Life and career[edit]

Adrien Vachette was born in Cauffry and possibly apprenticed with Pierre-François Drais, who sponsored him for a master's certificate 21 July 1779.[1] He had a shop at Place Dauphine in Paris, and worked for a time with the firm of Ouizille and Lemoine. He was a prolific designer and probably the most noted master craftsman of the period.[2] Vachette created the design for the Miraculous Medal, or the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, after Saint Catherine Labouré's vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He produced and sold over two million of the medals between 1832 and 1836.[3]

The use of unusual and natural materials like tortoise shell was characteristic of Vachette's work.[4] Notable students include Jean-Valentin Morel, who apprenticed with Vachette before opening his own shop in Paris.

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