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Adromischus mammilaris.jpg
Adromischus filicaulis subsp. marlothii
Scientific classification

Lem. (1852)

Adromischus is a genus of easily propagated leaf succulents from the Crassulaceae family. Adromischus are endemic to southern Africa. The name comes from the ancient Greek "adros" (=thick) and "mischos" (=stem).[1]


The species of Adromischus are divided into five sections, based on their shared characteristics and relationships:[2][3]

Section 1 (Adromischus)[edit]

Flowers of a Section 1. species (Adromischus filicaulis)

Flowers bright green, tubular, with short, wide, triangular, recurved lobes. Anthers protrude from flower tube. Indigenous mainly to the western, winter-rainfall regions of South Africa.

Section 2 (Boreali)[edit]

Grooved, tubular flowers, with ovate-triangular, recurved lobes that are undulated on the margins. Anthers protrude from flower tube. Indigenous to the arid, summer-rainfall interior of Southern Africa.

Section 3 (Brevipedunculati)[edit]

Grooved, funnel-shaped flowers with acuminate-triangular, widely spreading lobes, born on long stalks. Inflorescence branched. Usually spreading or stoloniferous plants.

Section 4 (Incisilobati)[edit]

Flowers of a Section 4. species (Adromischus triflorus)

Tubular flowers with elongated lanceolate-triangular lobes. Plants with short, compact, upright stems.

Section 5 (Longipedunculati)[edit]

Flowers of a Section 5. species (Adromischus marianae)

Pale or pubescent inflorescence with elongated lanceolate-triangular lobes

So-called Adromischus oviforme specimens are actually Adromischus filicaulis subsp. marlothii; Adromischus oviforme doesn't actually exist.

Species gallery[edit]


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