Mount Aduadu

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Mount Aduadu
Aduadu from Afadja.JPG
Mount Aduadu as seen from Mount Afadja
Highest point
Elevation746 m (2,448 ft)
Coordinates7°01′08″N 0°34′16″E / 7.01889°N 0.57111°E / 7.01889; 0.57111Coordinates: 7°01′08″N 0°34′16″E / 7.01889°N 0.57111°E / 7.01889; 0.57111
Mount Aduadu is located in Ghana
Mount Aduadu
Mount Aduadu
Location of Mount Afadja in Ghana
LocationHohoe Municipal District, Volta Region, Ghana
Parent rangeAgumatsa Range

Mount Aduadu is the second highest mountain in Ghana, standing at an elevation of 746 metres (2,448 ft). The mountain is located in the Agumatsa Range near the villages of Gblede, Liati Wote and Wli, in the Volta Region of Ghana at the border with Togo.

View from Aduadu showing the peak of Afadja