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Coordinates: 53°15′17″N 6°27′36″E / 53.25472°N 6.46000°E / 53.25472; 6.46000
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Reformed church in 2013
Reformed church in 2013
Flag of Aduard
Coat of arms of Aduard
Aduard is located in Groningen (province)
Location of Aduard in the province of Groningen
Aduard is located in Netherlands
Aduard (Netherlands)
Coordinates: 53°15′17″N 6°27′36″E / 53.25472°N 6.46000°E / 53.25472; 6.46000
Country Netherlands
Province Groningen
Municipality Westerkwartier
 • Total0.96 km2 (0.37 sq mi)
 • Total1,995
 • Density2,100/km2 (5,400/sq mi)

Aduard (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈaːdyɑrt]; Gronings: Auwerd [ˈau̯wərt]) is a village in the municipality of Westerkwartier, in the Netherlands. It is located about 8 km northwest of Groningen. As of 2021, it had a population of 1,995.[1]

The history of Aduard dates back to the foundation in 1192 of the Cistercian Aduard Abbey, where famous early Humanists like Rodolphus Agricola and Wessel Gansfort studied and lectured. The centre of the village is dominated by the so-called Abdijkerk (abbey church), one of the last visible remains of the erstwhile prestigious monastery. It is suggested that this building, currently in use by the Protestant congregation, was originally the monastery's infirmary.

Until 1990, Aduard was a separate municipality.

Building from Aduard Abbey in 2005


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