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Starting positions for the board game Adugo

Adugo is a two-player abstract strategy game that comes from the Bororo tribe on the Pantanal region of Brazil.

It is a hunt game similar to those found in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It is especially similar to Komikan, Rimau, Rimau-rimau, Main Tapal Empat, and Bagha-Chall as they all use an Alquerque based board. Adugo is therefore specifically a tiger hunt game (or tiger game). Komikan may actually be the same game as Adugo. Komikan is the name given by the Mapuches in Chile.

In Adugo, the jaguar is hunting the dogs. The jaguar (Panthera onca) is called "onça". The dogs are called "cachorro". The game is also known as Jaguar and Dogs.

It is thought that the Spanish brought Alquerque to the Americas, and this accounts for the use of the Alquerque board in this game.


The jaguar attempts to capture at least five dogs in order to stalemate the game; a stalemate is a win for the jaguar.

The dogs try to surround the jaguar, and block its movements.


The board used is an expanded Alquerque board with one triangular patterned board on one of its sides. There is only 1 jaguar, and 14 dogs. The jaguar is colored black, and the 14 dogs are colored white, however, any two colors or distinguishable pieces are appropriate. The board was originally drawn on the ground with stones as pieces.

Rules and game play[edit]

1. In the beginning, the jaguar is on the central point of the Alquerque board. All the dogs are on one half of the Alquerque board that is opposite that of the triangular patterned board.

2. Players decide which animal to play. The jaguar moves first. Players alternate their turn. Only one piece is used for movement or capture per turn.

3. The jaguar and dogs move one space at a time per turn following the pattern on the board.

4. The jaguar can capture by the short leap as in Draughts or Alquerque. The jaguar leaps over an adjacent dog, and lands on the other side in a straight line following the pattern on the board.

5. The dogs can not capture.

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