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Adult Visual Animation (also known as the abbreviated "AVA") is a hentai film studio that was founded by Joe Phillips, his brother Lex Wolfcraft, and close friend Ron McFee in 2001. The studio has created two DVD films, The House of Morecock (2001) and Stonewall & Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm (2006), as well as the flash animation Phuckamon released in 2001. Both films and the flash animation have been released under the AVA name.

In 2001, Adult Visual Animation won a GayVN Award for The House of Morecock in the category "Best Alternate Release". It was once again nominated at the 2006 GayVN Awards for AVA's third release, Stonewall & Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm but did not win.

Adult Visual Animation was the first hentai studio to release a gay X-Rated animated film in the United States with The House of Morecock. In 2011, AVA was purchased by Kitty Media for reasons, re-releasing the DVDs with the Kitty Media name.


  • Phuckamon (2001)
  • House of Morecock (2001)
  • Stonewall & Riot: Ultimate Orgasm (2006)
  • House of Morecock 2: Morecock (TBA)

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