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An adult non-pornographic website is a website about issues related to human sexuality. It is not a pornographic website, although it may contain images of a graphic nature.


Adult non-pornographic websites are difficult to classify in most mainstream web directories and search engines. Due to the nature of their sexual content, they are often mistaken in searches as pornographic sites, even when the "adult" content is informational. However, people who visit them are often seeking something other than pornography,[1] such as information on a wide variety of sexual topics or discussions with other individuals. Wikipedia's articles on these relevant topics can be lumped into this category of website because of their graphic nature and educational intent.

Concerns and criticism[edit]

While the websites may enforce restrictions on their contributors regarding what they write, some content may in fact be indistinguishable from that at a typical pornographic website. This may limit their accessibility through some web service agencies, such as Google.[2] Pornographic websites' techniques for attracting visitors can make it more difficult for serious educational sites to gain legitimacy.[3]

A site's advertisers often are selling sexual products or services, which may compromise the sites image as an educational site, as they may be the same advertisers as at a pornographic site. Some sites choose not to work with financial sponsors, instead relying on reader donations—however, generally only sites with high levels of web traffic can support themselves in this way.[4]


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