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S.K.Nambiar Memorial
Coordinates: 12°02′34″N 75°15′51″E / 12.04285°N 75.26416°E / 12.04285; 75.26416Coordinates: 12°02′34″N 75°15′51″E / 12.04285°N 75.26416°E / 12.04285; 75.26416
Ezhom Service Cooperative Bank
Aduthila Bus stop

Aduthila is a village between Ezhome and Madayi Panchayath, in the Indian state of Kerala. Aduthila literally means the nearest home (in Malayalam aduth means near and illam means family or home).


Pazhangaadi provides Aduthila with its nearest post office, bus stand, and railway station. A straight road from Valapattanam Junction to Pazhayangadi leads to Aduthila. Aduthila comprises mainly two major panchayats, Ezhome panjayath and Madayi panjayath.


Aduthila contains multiple temples but no mosques or churches. Temples at Aduthila include:

  • Theru Sree Bhagavathi Kshetram
  • Aduthila Sree Deivamiruvar Kshethram
  • Paaranthatta Mahavishnu Kshethram


Education includes an LP school, a UP school at Neruvambram, and HS, higher secondary, and college at Madayi. The EMS memorial library at Aduthila provides a wide range of book collections. It also holds a good educational VCD DVD collection, an IT room.


Aduthila has a Kolkali team known as Aduthila sree deivamiruvar kshethram kolkkali sangham. This kolkkali team trains children.

The 'Red Stars of Aduthila' is a club known for its volleyball players. GVC Aduthila is a club which holds sports & cultural festivals.


The national highway passes through Taliparamba town. Goa and Mumbai can be accessed on the northern side and Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram can be accessed on the southern side. The road to the east of Iritty connects to Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Pazhayangadi on Mangalore-Palakkad line. Trains are available to almost all parts of India subject to advance booking over the internet. There are airports at Mangalore and Calicut. Both of them are international airports but direct flights are available only to Middle Eastern countries.