Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (comics)

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
ScheduleMonthly (concluded)
FormatOngoing series (concluded)
Publication dateSeptember 1988 – September 1991
No. of issues36 issues
Creative team
Created byJeff Grubb, Rags Morales

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was a comic book produced by DC Comics under license from TSR.

Publication history[edit]

During the 1980s and 1990s, DC Comics published several licensed D&D comics, including Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Spelljammer.[1] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons debuted in October 1988, after the Dragonlance series. Dan Mishkin authored the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988-1991) comic book.[2] In the late 1980s, Jeff Grubb wrote four fill-in issues of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.[3] Michael Fleisher also wrote for the series. Jan Duursema drew the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons comic book series for three years.[4] Duursema drew issues #1-22, 24-30, 33-36, and Annual #1 (1988–91), while Ron Randall also provided artwork for issue #8, and Tom Mandrake illustrated issues ##23, 31-32, and Annual #1 (1990-1991). Elliot S. Maggin served as an editor for DC from 1989 to 1991 and oversaw the licensed TSR titles, including Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In October 1991, the TSR license ended bringing an end to the line with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons reaching issue 36.[5]


Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun appeared in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons comic book as a friend, ally and occasional manipulator of the Waterdeep-based main characters.

An incarnation of Selûne appeared as a supporting character in the series, masquerading as "Luna", the proprietor of an inn called "Selune's Smile". Appearing mostly as a background character and occasional deus ex machina for the main story, her true identity was eventually discovered by all of the series' primary characters. In the series' finale, Luna fully reclaimed her godly might (hidden behind an attic door within "Selune's Smile"), and ascended to the realms of the gods, bequeathing ownership of her inn to one of the series' leads.[6]

Kyriani, Vajra Valmyjar, Onyx the Invincible, Timoth Eyesbright, and Conner appear in the story "Waterdhavian Nights" in Forgotten Realms Annual #1, where they team up with the crew of the Realms Master when the ship arrives in a festive Waterdeep to collect an artifact, the Eye of Selune. Followers of the evil Imgig Zu also seek the Eye in order to free Zu, who is trapped inside. The crew of the Realms Master teams up with the characters from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to stop the followers of Imgig Zu.


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