Advanced Electronics Company Limited

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Advanced Electronics Company (AEC)
شركة الإلكترونيات المتقدمة
Founded 1988
Headquarters Coordinates: 24°57′42″N 46°43′59″E / 24.96167°N 46.73306°E / 24.96167; 46.73306, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Key people
Abdulaziz Al Duailej (CEO)
Revenue $50 million (2014)
Number of employees
1,000 [1]

Advanced Electronics Company Limited (AECL) is a limited liability company in Saudi Arabia that was established in 1988. AEC is specialised in advanced electronics research and manufacturing for defense and communication among others. The goal of AEC is to create local capabilities in strategic areas like advanced manufacturing technologies, communication systems, and product support. In 2006 it signed an agreement with Acer to manufacture personal computers as part of the Saudi governments programme to make PCs affordable to its population.[2]

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