Advanced HeroQuest

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Advanced HeroQuest
Publisher(s) Games Workshop
Players 1 to 5
Playing time ca. 90 minutes
Random chance Dice rolling

Advanced Heroquest was a 1989 sequel to HeroQuest, published by Games Workshop.

Changes from HeroQuest included more complex and RPG-like rules, a modular board and the use of henchmen. The included quests featured the heroes entering a Skaven-infested dungeon in order to retrieve a magical artifact.

An expansion to Advanced HeroQuest called Terror In The Dark was released in 1991, adding new monsters, treasures and spells. The included quest featured the heroes being pitted against the Lichemaster, one of the adversaries from the original HeroQuest.

The game used 12 sided dice (D12). Both heroes and monsters were defined by the following characteristics: Weapon Skill (WS), Ballistic Skill (BS), Strength (S), Toughness (T), Wounds (W), Speed (SP), Intelligence (Int), Bravery (Br).

Combat worked by rolling a certain amount on a D12, determined by how high the opponent's WS was compared to your own in the case of melee or how far away the opponent was and how good your BS in the case of ranged combat.

Damage worked by rolling a number of D12s determined by your Strength and what weapon you were using. The number of dice that equalled or exceeded your opponent's Toughness was the number of Wounds you inflicted.

While the only monsters included in the set were the rat men known as Skaven, stats were provided for all the monsters that appeared in the Hero Quest game and more.

Advanced HeroQuest also had a system for randomly generating dungeons.

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