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The Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute, Bhopal, formerly known as the Regional Research Laboratory, is a research laboratory in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.[1] It was established in 1982.


AMPRI is a research institution of CSIR. It was earlier known as RRL Bhopal when the new name was adopted by Governing Body of CSIR.[2] It was started in a building originally build for Cooperative Training College with 15 Scientist. The building for Cooperative training college was changed into what is called today Main Building, the boys hostel was modified to accommodate Administration building and the Girls hostel is now known as MEMS Laboratory.


It has more than 100 scientists and about 2000 alumni which are graduated in many projects within central India and northern India.



Students are selected on the basis of the Entrance Test conducted by the Board Of Central Research.

Quota system[edit]

In the Indian Educational Act 2005, special reserved seats are available for people belonging to Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The reservation quota is as follows :

The remaining 40% is un-reserved for all Indian candidates appearing for the test including those from Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh states.


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