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The Advanced Tactical Center (ATC) is a series software tools used in tactics-oriented video games. The ATCs are developed and maintained by Foolish Entertainment.


The ATC allows the creation of online sessions, during which players can discuss the tactics they wish to apply for the upcoming matches.[1] After loading the supplied map of the area the user is given a variety of sketching tools, such as pencils, text editors and game related icons, in order to create a graphical representation of his strategy. During the course of the drawing the other users are updated live on the course of the map's development. The software allows saving and loading the sketches to and from the files, stored on the local HDD.

The aim behind the creation of the software kit is to give the players an easy and efficient way to share and visualise tactical data.

Supported Applications[edit]

The applications which can, to this date, be enhanced with ATC (listed by series):[2]


World of Tanks

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