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Advanced Telecommunication Modules Ltd (ATML) was set up in 1993 by Dr Hermann Hauser and Professor Andy Hopper as a spin-off from the Olivetti Research Laboratory in Cambridge.

ATML manufactured a variety of ATM products under the family name of Virata and licensed embedded software for ATM switches, routers and network interface cards. In September 1997 ATML sold its product business to Escalate Networks and concentrated on its licensing business, primarily to access network providers of DSL technology and cable-modems.

In its product lineup, Virata had two Application Specific Standard Product families called, the ATOM and the Proton, both of which featured ARM microprocessors. The family was extended to include a number of telecommunications-optimised processors including the successful Hydrogen and Helium products.

On 11 February 1998 ATML rebranded itself as Virata Limited.

Dr Hauser was a director of Virata and served as its chairman from March 1993 to December 2001.

Virata was sold to Globespan in 2001 for over 500 million pounds.

GlobespanVirata was acquired by Conexant Systems, Inc on 1 March 2004.