Advanced Warriors

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Advanced Warriors
Developer(s) LightworX CGI Ltd.
Publisher(s) High Point Film and Television Ltd.
Platform(s) DVD, Mobile phone
Release 2003
Genre(s) Interactive movie
Mode(s) Single-player

Advanced Warriors is an Interactive movie starring Jeremy Bulloch which was released in 2003.


Advanced Warriors is set in a parallel universe, in which the planet Argonia exists in the same location as our Earth. Argonia is invaded by a horde known as the Sirroms, and the planet's Guardian Force have to find a way to save it. In a last-ditch effort to save the planet, the Guardian opens a rift between Argonia and our Earth, and selects four warriors from Earth's timeline, who have an inert DNA strand that marks them as potential saviours of Aragonia. Manipulating the DNA of these four ordinary people, the Guardian is able to bring these planet-saving abilities to the surface, and turns them into the eponynmous Advanced Warriors.[1]


The Starhyke connection[edit]

Following the production of Advanced Warriors, cast members Jeremy Bulloch, Rebecca Nichols and Wayne Pilbeam would reunite in the cast of British science fiction show Starhyke. Andrew Dymond, who wrote and directed Advanced Warriors, also wrote and directed Starhyke, while Sue Witheridge - the costume designer for Advanced Warriors would go on to play Daphne in Starhyke.

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