Adventist University of France – Collonges

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Adventist University of France - Collonges
Le Campus Adventiste du Salève
Saleve Adventist University.jpg
Motto Enseigner pour servir
Motto in English
Teach to serve
Type Private
Established 1921
President Ralf Wegener [1]
Location Collonges-sous-Saleve, France
Logo of Saleve Adventist University.gif

Le Campus Adventiste du Salève,[2] also known as the Adventist University of France – Collonges,[3] belongs to the global educational system of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is affiliated with Partnership of Adventist Colleges in Europe, (PACE). The university is located about five miles from Geneva across the Swiss-French border. The campus itself is part way up Le Salève, the summit of which is at an elevation of over 1,300 metres (4,300 feet). This mountain with its restaurants and breath-taking view of the Rhône valley or Mont Blanc attracts many from nearby Geneva. From the campus, the city of Geneva and the Lake Geneva make a picturesque view. On the same campus are located schools from kindergarten to senior high school levels.

Collonges-sous-Salève, the village where the campus is located, is situated in the French département of Haute-Savoie, named "Upper Savoy" for its location in the foothills of the Alps mountain range.


The first Adventist seminary in Europe was established in 1903 at Gland in Switzerland. This was transferred to Collonges-sous-Salève in 1921, and took the name of Séminaire adventiste du Salève (Adventist Seminary of the Saleve). Being the first European Adventist seminary, it contributed to the training of hundreds of pastors in Europe and has sent missionaries around the world. From 1955, the institution offered a 4-year training program.

Academic divisions[edit]

The Adventist Theological Seminary is the main teaching faculty at Saleve Adventist University. The French Language Institute is a department of the university that teaches student the French language and culture.[4]

The university also offers distance learning courses through Griggs University.

Alfred Vaucher Library[edit]

The Alfred Vaucher Library is a resource center serving:

The Library catalog also integrates the books of three research collections:

  • A research center of the Ellen G. White Estate
  • The Historical Files of Adventism in Europe
  • The José Figols Research Center

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