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Adventfjorden Adventtoppen IMG 2712.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 786 m (2,579 ft)
Coordinates 78°16′23″N 15°44′42″E / 78.273°N 15.745°E / 78.273; 15.745Coordinates: 78°16′23″N 15°44′42″E / 78.273°N 15.745°E / 78.273; 15.745
Adventtoppen is located in Svalbard
Adventdalen IMG 0115 Adventtoppen.jpg

Adventtoppen is a mountain on the east side of Adventfjorden in the northern part of Nordenskiöld Land on the island of Spitsbergen in Svalbard, Norway. It is 786 metres (2,579 ft) tall.[1] In 1901, Bergen-Spitsbergen Kullgrube-kompani started mining coal in Adventtoppen. During their first summer season, they mined 5 tonnes (4.9 long tons; 5.5 short tons). They lived on board their ship and freighted the coal with a row-boat. In 1903, they produced 40 tonnes (39 long tons; 44 short tons).[2] The mountain was first ascended by A. Hoel in 1916. It was ascended again by W. Solheim and M. Abrahamsen on 23 July 1922 for triangulation and photgrammetric work.[1]


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