Adventure (1982 video game)

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Adventure cassette front cover (Acorn Electron).png
Acorn Electron cassette cover
Publisher(s)Micro Power
Platform(s)Acorn Atom, Acorn Electron, BBC Micro
Release1982: Acorn Atom
1983: Electron, BBC Micro
Genre(s)Text adventure

Adventure is a computer game published in the UK by Micro Power.[1] It was released on the Acorn Atom sometime around 1982[2] and on the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro in 1983.[1]


The game is a text adventure, being an attempted reconstruction of the original Adventure computer game, although it is not very faithful to the original mainframe version.[3]

In-game screenshot (Acorn Electron)

In this version of the game, the player must rescue a princess from the Magic Caverns.[4] There are over a hundred different locations and many problems must be solved in order to achieve this goal.[4] The game supports one or two word commands and the most useful commands are available via function key shortcuts e.g. INVENTORY, CHECK SCORE etc.[4]

The game's instructions do not reveal all valid verbs, as it is left to the player to discover them.[4] The instructions also mention that the Arabian Nights folk tales may provide useful hints to the player.[4]

The Acorn Atom version of the game requires 12K of RAM[2] and is unrelated to another Acorn Atom title (a text adventure game engine), also called Adventure from Acornsoft.[5]



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