Adventure (Furslide album)

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Furslide Adventure Cover.jpg
Studio album by Furslide
Released October 6, 1998
Genre Alternative rock
Length 50 min
Label meanwhile...
Producer Nellee Hooper

Adventure is the 1998 debut album of the New York City alternative rock band Furslide. the debut album was produced by Nellee Hooper who had worked also with other artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, U2 and Massive Attack among others.


  • Over my Head
  • Love Song

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Over My Head"
  2. "Shallow"
  3. "Skinny Girl"
  4. "Hawaii"
  5. "Bring You Down"
  6. "Love Song"
  7. "My Friend's Gallery"
  8. "Today Forever"
  9. "Faith"
  10. "One Hit Downer"
  11. "Postcard"
  12. "Curious Have Guns"
  13. "The Cleaning Lady" (hidden track)

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