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For "classic adventure games", see Adventure game.
Adventure Classic Gaming
Adventure Classic Gaming logo.png
Web address
Commercial? No
Type of site
Gaming website
Launched 1996
Alexa rank
751,877 (August 2012)[1]

Adventure Classic Gaming is a computer game website created in 1996 dedicated to the genre of adventure games. It publishes reviews and previews of adventure games, as well as opinion articles and interviews with game designers. The site is listed as a trusted reviewer on Game Rankings.[2]

Adventure Classic Gaming is respected by developers of adventure games. Scott Murphy, the co-creator of the Space Quest series has stated that the review he gave to Adventure Classic Gaming was "very therapeutic to [him]".[3] The site is also respected by fellow gaming websites. Kotaku features articles written by Adventure Classic Gaming and refers to them as "really nice" and "good reading".[4][5] Rock, Paper, Shotgun created an article around an Adventure Gaming Classic interview and retrospective and referred to it as an "excellent piece".[6]


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