Adventures of Tron

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Adventures of Tron Cover.jpg
Developer(s) APh Technological Consulting
Publisher(s) Mattel Electronics
Designer(s) Hal Finney
Platform(s) Mattel Intellivision, Atari 2600
Release 1982
Genre(s) Action

Adventures of Tron, or Tron for short, is an action game produced by Mattel in 1982[1] and the Mattel Intellivision/Atari 2600 version of the coin-operated arcade video game by the same name. It is based on the Disney film Tron [2] and received fairly positive reviews from critics. [3][4][5][6]

In the game the player took control of Tron who had to avoid a variety of attackers whilst navigating a grid with four floors. Several aspects of the film appeared in the game including Recognizers, Tanks and Solar Sailers.[7]


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