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Advertising Association
AA-Logo rgb.png
Formation 1924
Legal status Trade Association
Region served
President & CEO
Tim Lefroy (CEO) [2]

The Advertising Association (AA) is a trade association that represents all sides of the advertising industry in the UK - advertisers, agencies, media, and research services. An 'umbrella organisation', the AA represents industry associations including advertiser body ISBA, agency body IPA, the IAB, the DMA and a number of media owners such as ITV, Channel 4 and Five.[3]

Its role is to promote and protect advertising in the UK by creating and maintaining a climate of responsibility amongst advertising practitioners, encouraging moderation from regulators and building trust with consumers.

According to the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA), the Advertising Association is 'the only body that speaks for all sides of an industry worth almost £14.5 billion in 2009'.[4]


Tim Lefroy became CEO of the AA in May 2009. According to Mark Lund, former Chairman of the AA, Tim's suitability for the role is a result of his 'experience in, and support from, all over the industry'.[5] Speaking at the inaugural Edinburgh International Marketing Festival (EIMF), Tim Lefroy, chief executive of the Advertising Association, called on marketers to "reclaim their rightful place as the consumer’s champion".[6]

Related associations[edit]


Founded by the Advertising Association, business4Life is a coalition of companies actively using marketing and communications skills to help deliver Department of Health Change4Life.

Food Advertising Unit[edit]

The Food Advertising Unit (FAU) aims to raise the quality of the debate surrounding advertising to children by providing pan-industry leadership and a forum for dialogue to inform industry awareness and best practice in food advertising and marketing communications.

FAU membership is composed of multi-national food companies, agencies and the media.


Credos is an independent think tank established by the AA in early 2010. Its aim is to 'understand advertising': its role, how it works, how it is perceived and its value to UK society and the economy.[7]