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Advertising Standards Bureau
Abbreviation ASB
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The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) is an Australian organisation that investigates breaches of advertising standards in the Australian media.[1] It also regulates and is able to get advertisers to remove offensive material.[2]

The management of the bureau, and evaluation of complaints is conducted by the Advertising Standards Board.[3]

The board required removal of televisions advertisements by advertisers for sexually explicit material in May 2009.[4] However other forms of material also generated significant numbers of complaints.[5]

In August 2013 a ruling was made against the owners of a billboard by the ASB.[6] The ASB said it presented women, "in a manner that was subservient and degrading". The owners said they would comply with the ruling. With the billboard remaining in place in August 2015 the Australian Christian Lobby said that self-regulation is not working.[7]

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