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Advertising management is a career path in the advertising industry.

Advertising and promotions managers may work for an agency, a public relations firm, a media outlet, or may be hired directly by a company to develop branding for the company's product or service. This position can include supervising employees, acting as a liaison between multiple agencies working on a project, or creating and implementing promotional campaigns. Jabari Jaami

While advertising is the promotional campaign itself, advertising management can address the whole process - the function of marketing starting from market research continuing through advertising, leading to actual sales or achievement of objective, potentially including evaluation of the entire cost-benefits to the company involved.[citation needed]

Ad management incorporates various specialized sub-functions like media strategy, message strategy, media planning, media buying etc.

While advertising management is an inseparable part of the marketing department, the marketing department of an organization is often concerned more with market research and evaluation of results, and some parts of the advertising management can be outsourced to specialized advertising agencies. For example the media buying may be done in bulk by these ad agencies on which they receive discount/commission, that goes into their earning.[citation needed]

It[clarification needed] involves designing which strategies to be adopted in order to influence the public, i.e. media selection and deciding on the aspect to be advertised based on the image of the company and the present marketing objective.